Writing and Editing

Helping writers write


Who am I and how can I help?

I am possibly the biggest English nerd you’ll ever meet and I like helping people. Basically, that’s it! I love English, I love stories, I love writing; writing and editing are the simple joys of my life. I study English Language and Creative Writing at university and so have an in depth knowledge of the English language as well as creating fiction. I write both prose and poetry, the latter of which I have won an award in, and can’t think of anything better than curling up by a fire and reading for hours on end (tea and biscuits are usually a necessity in this scenario!)

Who is this site for?


You’ve come on to a website titled Writing & Editing, so unless you’re lost, you’re most likely involved with writing in some regard, whether that’s filling notebooks with wonderful ideas or painting poetry onto a canvas. If you write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scripts, then I’d love to help you develop your work with you so you can send it off to an agent and get published!

Why have I set up this website?

I want to help. I know the world of writing is pretty scary and I believe that many people don’t have the confidence to prepare a manuscript for that amazing story that they’ve either left stewing in their minds or scribbled onto a piece of paper. What I want to try and achieve is to give writers the opportunity to send their work to someone who will look at their work from a totally clean and neutral perspective, and give them professional and in-depth feedback. So if you need help with structuring your story, developing a character, or creating a scene, I can help. Perhaps you need someone to look over your work for spelling and grammar errors, send it my way!

I’ll also use this website to share my opinion on writing techniques and give advice either broadly or on more specific topics – so keep an eye open!

I’ll also be more than happy for people to ask questions regarding some part of writing and offer advice on something they might be stuck on.

This website is a place for writing in every regard!